A remark on the available Asetian knowledge.


Just a small note directly from the Aset Ka to anyone seriously and maturely seeking the true Asetian knowledge.

There is no Asetian or anyone directly involved with the work, teachings and projects from the Aset Ka exposing or debating information related with magick, vampirism or spirituality, anywhere outside of the Order's internal and official network, temples and havens.
This is the first rule of thumb for those that are new to this kind of knowledge and are interested in developing themselves spiritually or metaphysically, to focus on the importance to stay out of all the fuss and noise that always wanders around the Aset Ka thematics and everywhere where Asetianism is mentioned or debated.
For your own evolution, stay away from the majority of the nullity that can be found around the subject and keep a strong, decided, unshakable Will towards Illumination.
There are no Asetian products being sold in stores, there are no Order members making comments in forums and there are no publicly accessible Aset Ka havens. Do not let yourself be fooled by ignorance.

The Aset Ka is not out there to be found. So never take any information regarding it, positive or negative, as reliable. All true information about Asetianism or the Aset Ka that is made public is always confirmed officially by the Order. No exceptions.

Asetian knowledge has always been copied and mimicked throughout history by a myriad of other traditions, groups and projects. There are always people trying to take advantage from what they do not fully understand and cannot comprehend, but that they find alluring. This is observed daily in what concerns the Aset Ka. While that will never cease to happen, even when its influences are not so obvious to the unaware, people that are truly seeking for the source of this wisdom now have no reasons to follow the wrong faces of our path.

We seek no followers out of blind faith. We are a spiritual family. One united by loyalty, understanding and an unshakable bond, an immortal one... the eternal gift of Aset.

Unlike many other Orders and traditions, we do not profess having the one definitive path to religion. What we do have is the definitive Asetian knowledge and spirituality, and this path is by no means for everyone.
So is this the only true form of spirituality? No, it isn't.
Asetianism is for an elitist few, a group of evolved beings sharing their immortality and working towards constant evolution.

After this banner of awareness if someone is still willing to be taken into delusion and fall into the abyss of ignorance, it is now their own choice to remain blind.

May Aset bless the path of those worthy of Her Essence...

At the service of Her Highness Aset,
Order of Aset Ka.


"We live in Secret. We live in Silence. And we live Forever..."




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