Words in Silence
Liber Silentis


Words in Silence is an obscure text that makes use of coded language to tap into the many undefinable layers of spiritual understanding. The occult teachings here presented in the form of an intricate system of 373 utterances are imbued with the energy of secret fire, kindled through a mystical process of a five year initiation. Only the steady hands of honesty and the committed eyes of selfless truth can unleash the enlightening power concealed within Liber Silentis, wielding the inner inspiration of initiatory magick that can liberate the ancient secrets of Asetian wisdom. In this book, Words become art, nature and magick, passionately crafted on the altar of silence upon the face of immortal serpents.

International author Luis Marques, one of the leading specialists in Asetian spirituality, is a renowned expert in metaphysics and Ancient Egyptian knowledge within the Order of Aset Ka. As an authority on ancient symbolism and esoteric mysteries, this work seals his fourth occult book to be disclosed, shedding light and darkness on the arcane wisdom of his teachings.

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“At the ancient crossing where Her name remains unspoken a lost token reveals the undying words of silver.”

Liber Silentis, 360




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