The Asetians embody the legendary children of Aset. Known by infinite names and found in countless cultures of past and present, their existence bound to the very fabric of lore and myth. Sometimes only remembered as the silvery mist of forgotten nightmares, their magick brings forth the abominating blood of daemons.
Ancient but misunderstood. Wise yet feared. Eternal as an embrace of death. To accurately comprehend their nature is to grasp upon the broken mirrors of the subconscious and to ensnare the smoke of an ancient candle with bare hands.

“Ancient masters and timeless teachers, the Asetians forged a metaphysical family in the shadows of this world, raising the energies of the planet and balancing the tides of time. Walking alongside mortals since the times of Ancient Egypt, from the halls of pharaohs to the temples of sacred mysteries, the Asetian family remained ever watchful as one last banner of the divine spark on Earth.”

Asetian Bible

Hallmark of a culture old as time and intimate with the secrets of life and death, the elusive Asetian nature is shrouded in the mysteries of predatory spirituality and a higher mastery of energy; an unparalleled mind, striking awareness and unique insight paired with advanced metaphysical abilities that push beyond the boundaries of understanding.
The influence of the Asetians and their legacy gave birth to myths of immortal beings across the centuries, from vampires and dreaded monsters to daemons; a hidden spark in the subconscious fire that ignites legends now mostly forgotten. Tales were retold orally and adulterated by culture, changed and mingled by humanity, some surviving as tradition and others thriving as occult secret but few linger still in contemporary days, disguised and cloaked as folklore, legend and myth.

“Spiritual development, higher understanding and inner mastery are slow and enduring processes in the Asetian journey through life. This metaphysical initiation is a system of transmutation. By the pure and profound change it is meant that the initiate achieves to alter in form, manifestation and nature, which is an expression of the powerful force of the Violet Flame. This transmutation, deeply connected with the nature of vampiric rebirth, represents the alchemical essence of the Asetian soul; ever changing and eternal. Through such timeless mystery we can establish the Asetians as the alchemists of the soul — creators and destroyers, catalysts of renewal and evolution with the power to transform lead into gold — for they are givers of life and omens of death, the pillars of subtle existence and owners of the breath of immortality.”

Asetian Bible

The triple nature of the Aset Ka and its sacred formulae of magick and initiation are visibly reflected on the Lineages that established the Asetian bloodline since its inception. A perfectly aligned echo of the alchemy of the soul, the immortal seeds of Aset are known as: Serpent, the Lineage of Viperines; Scarab, the Lineage of Concubines; and Scorpion, the Lineage of Guardians. United they are One and the pure reflection of Her.
Adversaries of futility and breakers of egos, the foundation of Asetian character is built on dignity and honor as fierce warriors of truth and scholars of arcane wisdom. As teachers of the mysteries, initiators of magick and students of death, the lessons they ignite in those willing to learn are that of profound liberation and inner discovery; a realization that leads to the greatest chambers of Self. Without conditioning, masks and concealed prejudice, where only raw identity remains, the transformational properties of Asetian influence can be revealed as major blessings but also present an undeniable danger, for that which can shield the innocent or the wise often holds the power to poison the dishonest and the blind.
Finding in unbreakable unity their greatest strength and in loyalty their signature mark, the Asetians are a spiritual family with bonds that surpass flesh and blood, transcending beyond the limited notions of mortality with perplexing indifference. Reunited throughout the ages they remain an undying pillar of magick, carrying the lost wisdom of the ancients and safekeeping its purity, inspiring and initiating those able to See.

“The Asetians are spiritual souls without a human nature. Their existence cannot be accurately described with words or understood by the mind as the intricacy and beauty of Asetian reality manifests in full only when unrestricted within the realm of transcendence. Bound to the cycles of reincarnation alongside humanity the children of Aset are creatures of magick and spirit, so although they may appear physically indistinguishable from others to unaware eyes limited by the deceit of matter, the Asetians are spiritually immortal.”

Asetian Bible




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