The magickal arts embody the hidden methods of understanding reality and mastering the subtle. Through its many expressions, magick represents a vital layer of the Asetian culture and a set of powerful practices that operate in tune with the multilayered realm of Asetian spirituality.
Magick is the song of nature in its purest form; the unbiased understanding of beauty without the influence of matter. Being the oldest form of art it is surprisingly misunderstood in modern times, hidden behind a veil of superficiality that blinds the eyes of the mundane. This secretive science holds the fundamental keys to the mysteries of the cosmos, as the most powerful magick is that which cannot be seen. It resonates with a timeless mystical quest through the raising of awareness, defining the signature Asetian concept of rising above, an expression that symbolizes the attaining of enlightenment by spiritually rising above human consciousness. The ability to See what others cannot.

“Magick is the fine art of crafting the invisible.”

Liber Aeternus I.2

Being able to see what remains hidden in plain sight is the foundation of every initiatory occult practice and establishes the dormant potential that empowers a seeker with undeniable power. However, this great power can never be influenced by the motivations of ego or the slavery to vanity, being only unveiled through the enlightening quest of understanding and the difficult mastery of Self.
The most beautiful magick is the hidden alchemy that manifests within the initiate, as an ethereal garden flourishing with the stars found in the elder sky. These students, scholars and masters are the noble artists that do not appear in modern tales and reject being targets to the shallow praise of mortals. They represent the mystical swordmasters of thought and the gatekeepers of time, disciples of wisdom and champions of death… the silent warriors that define the course of history.

“The eyes cannot be trusted for their tale is that of deception. To see their reflection you must sacrifice your awareness in the song of perfect trust…”

Liber Aeternus II.24

The Asetian process of self-development and the nurturing of awareness solidifies on a timeless framework of initiation. The keys to those mysteries are found in the selfless observation of nature through an honest commitment to the secret art of the ancients that we call magick.
The most profound layers of initiation can only be grasped when the occultist learns how to overcome all forms of limitation and breaks from the conditioning of the superfluous, as only then true communion with Self in perfect tune with the tides of the Universe can be attained. The state of psychological and spiritual liberation achieved through the magick of Understanding is a powerful force that should never be underestimated. An awakened seeker does not use this inner power and clarity to bring down others who may lack ability or initiated sight, but instead makes diligent use of wisdom to educate them through the magick of mighty silence, for only those that are able to learn in absolute quietude may one day conquer themselves.
Asetian magick is characterized by subtle elegance and an enlightened focus on spirituality, where initiates craft the tools to explore all mysteries that potentiate the internal alchemy of the soul, unrestricted by limitations in any form. Through this process of awakening and inner transformation a seeker must learn mastery over Self and how to conquer both inner and outer realities, a steady but lengthy process of discovery capable of developing a profound sense of trust that empowers the exploration of knowledge and allows to achieve wisdom through experience and self-validation, unveiling the true magick that hides within.

“True strength can only be measured in the ethereal fabric of the soul. All else is irrelevant!”

Liber Aeternus I.20




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