Asetian Manifesto


To become an Asetian is to die and be reborn.

To forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten.

To be an Asetian is to be blessed with everlasting Love.

Is to be cursed by a never-ending thirst for perfection.

An Asetian is a fierce warrior, a faithful lover and an eternal concubine. Having the power of the Pharaoh, the discipline of the Samurai, the knowledge of the Wizard and the commitment of the Geisha.

Kemet is our Holy Land. The genesis of our immortal Ba.

The Tao is Knowledge. Power is through Blood.

Our Ka is sacred.

Our essence is the storm raindrops in the ocean of mankind, the winds that blow on their faces and the quakes that shake the very foundations of their ground.

We are the children of the Gods.
We are the Cursed Ones and the Blessed Ones.

We live in Secret. We live in Silence. And we live Forever...






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