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The Order of Aset Ka is a spiritual society and metaphysical order of mysteries that was founded in Kemet by Her Highness Aset, during a time the ancients described as the Sep Tepy. Historically the word Kemet translates the meaning of Black Land in Ancient Egyptian, referring to the realm of the Asetian Empire around the shores of the Nile, where the striking dark color of the fertile soil in contrast with the pale desert inspired such a name. The concept of Sep Tepy finds its origins in the words for First Time, an Egyptian terminology that describes the golden era of the Gods, a primordial timeframe that predates Dynastic Egypt and establishes the roots of life and magick — the cradle of initiation.

“This great mystery would stand at the core of Her teachings and so She named Her spiritual legacy Aset Ka. A direct symbol of its true origins — the essence of Isis, or in the words of the ancients the Ka of Aset. She solemnly uttered and fiercely marked in blood that those loyal to Her would forever be loyal to them for they are one.”

Asetian Bible

Entrusted with the guardianship of the teachings of Aset, often operating in secrecy and wielding the tools of silence but always striving for the safekeeping of Her unique knowledge and spiritual tradition, the Order nurtures the enduring flame of the violet path throughout the ages as unseen swords of darkness committed to shielding truth and enforcing honor.
During the lost days of old the Aset Ka ruled Egypt where the legendary Asetian Empire endured for more than centuries. A mighty reign of discovery, beauty and magick, in a time now mostly forgotten to humanity surviving only as mystery and myth.
The Aset Ka lingers still, carrying its ancient legacy of wisdom, loyalty and profound understanding, pioneering the fundamental keys of magick, unveiling the voices of nature and studying the subtle powers capable of unleashing that which is invisible. Moving as shadows and whispers in a selfish society often rotten and in decay, detached from the prejudice of mortals and their superficiality, our cryptic tune never ceases to silently observe the lost and unaware as immortal eyes that never sleep.

“Sailing through the tides of centuries the Aset Ka has, often in secret, influenced cultures, seized powers and shifted the course of nations. The presence of the Asetians in civilizations of past and present can be felt by those who recognize their distinctive mark. Carefully watched by the wise in societies who know the unwavering secret of their existence, there are clues and irrefutable evidence of the influence of the Aset Ka in different countries, extensive periods of time and diverse cultures — just laying there, frozen in time and forgotten by the blindness of humanity, lost to all who lack the awareness to see it. Even today the puzzle can be unsealed only if the pieces are properly connected, but those able to achieve such understanding are responsible enough not to interfere and leave the ancient Order to its own devices. Everyone who has ever stared into the eyes of an Asetian without their mask of flesh has found an eternal abyss and faced the abominating fear of their own demons, since by placing a hand in the darkness of their violet Fire no doubt remains once the veil is revealed.”

Asetian Bible

The essence behind the Aset Ka is not found in buildings or objects and it is designedly not accessible to anyone who seeks it with dishonor. The mysteries, culture and wisdom of the Asetians are tied to intricate gateways of inner growth and profound initiations that can only align with the cosmos through unrelenting honesty, being unveiled to the humble and worthy. The legacy of Aset is a path of lifetimes, uncovered only through the ladder of spiritual evolution. Although undeniably elitist and secretive those characteristics are not established from a mundane concept of superiority but designed as a natural shield from those who seek to exploit and deface or desire power. Ultimately the aged locks and weathered doors of the Aset Ka cannot be broken by the devices of force, deceit or desire and its labyrinthine pathways may only appear to those who are loyal and true. As for everyone else... the Order will never exist.

“Guided by this mastered understanding the Order of Aset Ka takes pride, confidence and determination in never being deterred by adversarial opposition in any shape or form, always rising from its own ashes like a newborn phoenix. It has done this fiercely across the ages, writing history and shaping the course of the future with the initiatory feather of silence that makes this violet call a unique beacon of truth, power and immortality at the grasp of anyone daring to seek it.”

Violet Throne




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