Remark on publicly available Asetian knowledge


An open letter to every committed student, practitioner and scholar that seek genuine Asetian wisdom with honesty and maturity, spread throughout the world in a myriad of diverse cultures but with one single purpose of finding truth.

Awareness is vital in a society that promotes falsehood, shields dishonor and enforces deception; all values profoundly opposed to the nature of the Asetian culture, hence making the Order a grand adversary to such agendas and a common target to misrepresentation, elaborate lies and misplaced fear.
Those pitfalls and obstacles on the path of inexperienced seekers can be easily surpassed by the understanding that there are no members of the Order commenting and engaging in open debate on forums, networks and events, or anywhere outside of the Order's internal networks, temples and havens.

The natural allure and mystery that surrounds the Aset Ka and its ancient culture makes it a subject of great potential for defamation and deceit, especially among those lacking access and knowledge that desire to manipulate the less aware. This raises the importance for initiates to detach from the misinformed opinion of outsiders and their biased judgement but most importantly to always seek for the source. Never trust those who speak for the Asetians or that claim hidden knowledge about them for they invariably mirror nothing more than pretenders.

There are no Asetian products, artifacts and occult tools commercially available and paid memberships do not exist within the Aset Ka. Actual members do not claim access, title or rank in public or to outsiders and there are no declassified Aset Ka havens. The will to exhibit a title is tied to insecurity and the need for validation; weaknesses that have no place or value in our culture. Do not be fooled by ignorance.
The Aset Ka is not out there to be found. Never take any outside information regarding it, wether positive or negative, as fact or reliable. All genuine teachings and the occult curriculum that becomes disclosed and available to the public is always confirmed officially by the Order. No exceptions.

Asetian knowledge has been copied and mimicked throughout history by a myriad of other traditions, groups and projects. There are always individuals trying to take advantage from what they do not fully understand and cannot comprehend, but that they find inspiring and fascinating. That can be observed frequently and recurrently but while it will never cease to happen, as it is human nature to desire all power that they cannot control, even when its influences are not so obvious to the unaware, people that are honestly seeking for the true source of this wisdom now have no valid reason to follow the false faces of our path.

Unlike different organizations and traditions we do not profess having the definitive path to religion or the only available techniques of magick. What we do have are the genuine keys to Asetian spirituality with all of its mysteries, culture and profound initiations, however that path is by no means for everyone.

We admit no followers out of blind faith.
We are a secretive spiritual family.
One united by loyalty, honor and an unshakable bond...
The eternal gift of Aset.

With this banner of awareness if someone still drowns in such delusions, becomes manipulated by the deception of fools or falls into the multilayered abyss of ignorance, it is now their own choice and responsibility to remain blind or to strongly rise above.

At the service of Her Highness Aset,
Order of Aset Ka






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