Asetianism is the living culture of the Asetians, an ancient mystical tradition and initiatory system of magick. Its intricate pathways take the initiate through a journey of predatory spirituality, self-discovery and internal alchemy. Focused on enlightenment and the evolution of the soul through the infinite gateways of wisdom, this old tradition relies on the awareness of subtle forces, the mastery of magick and a profound understanding over the mysteries of life and death.
Wielding the arts of energy manipulation not only as a discipline and inner craft but a true way of life, the path of Asetian spirituality is also strongly introspective, established from a framework of psychology and magick originally developed by Aset in Ancient Egypt and developed throughout the centuries by the Aset Ka, in a never-ending pursuit of growth, balanced impermanence and elusive equilibrium.
Although adamantly dangerous and potentially destructive, particularly for weaker minds, the shallow, egocentric and self-centered, Asetianism is an inner art that enhances understanding of reality and existence, igniting dormant potential, developing newfound abilities and unleashing mental clarity. Its committed study, practice and unique processes of organic initiation and continuous evolution are capable of balancing mind, body and spirit, uniting them as vital layers of Self in a symbiotic connection of oneness.

“Asetianism holds the key for spiritual and emotional completeness, but its study is not an easy undertaking and certainly something that should never be approached lightly. Through its magickal formulae the initiate is led to the mirror of all truths, facing his demons holding no other weapon than his bare will. This is the hall where the humble become kings and the deceptive fall into eternal slumber. Never underestimate its dangers or the potency of such magick; instead surrender to wisdom and be graced with the subtlety of our teachings. They can guide you to doors of understanding where you may unlock the beauty of simplicity and the transcending power behind most subtle elements of existence, often ignored when the focus of awareness is not guided by truth. It will not only liberate but transform the mind with the forces of chaos and the lessons of pain. Only through courage you shall find the inner temple. Yet, only the wise remember that the doors of Asetian magick hold the power of rising to unimaginable heights but also to drown into unspeakable depths with the passiveness of a new dawn. These teachings are unsuspiciously dangerous and the path you are now discovering has led many into madness, or worse, to be forgotten in oblivion — abandoned in the dungeons of despair where no memory can survive.”

Asetian Bible

The alchemical principles of duality are embraced and understood in Asetianism as the chaotic dances of opposite forces that ignite every aspect of becoming, the universal polarity found in all manifestation from the laws of nature to the tiniest details that establish the subtle reality. Interacting with energy, altering its properties and bending its forces to unspoken will is not a learned ability to an Asetian but an inborn trait; a vital and natural aspect of their existence not different than breathing. Energy surrounds, embodies and manifests the rawest metaphysical backbone of existence, a force from which everything is created and transmuted within this tradition, finding in its advanced study the most elusive answers, higher understanding and a true cradle of empowerment.
Asetians are not passive creatures bound to an impermanent world that lacks the finesse to comprehend them. As mighty adversaries, revolutionary pioneers, masterminds of thought and strategic warriors of fate, they rise above crowds, armies and obstacles unsheathing the swords of wisdom to impose themselves on the different layers of reality, conquering them with subtlety and signature insight.
Asetianism guides those seeking for the divine but it also treads the forgotten path that unveils the sacredness of divinity that is concealed within, as only when staring deeply into the eyes of thunder can the microcosm and macrocosm be united to germinate the violet flowers that release the universal lens that allows you to see through the eternal mirror of the ages.

“In terms of spirituality the acceptance of light and darkness as the unified path for completeness and evolved enlightenment stands as a fundamental aspect of the Asetian tradition, promoting the understanding that only through the communion of duality can your true nature be revealed. The acknowledgment that every living being has not only a kind side of goodness but also a face of untamed evil is essential for the balanced individual and a wiser mind. Someone that only promotes light, peace and harmony, claiming to never experience anger or hatred and holding no harmful feelings, is someone that is unquestionably incomplete. That is true because such a person would not only be in delusion but also in denial of Self. It is a mental process of blockage and the result of their inability to foster acceptance, often conditioned by dogma, expectations and social stigma that by limiting awareness of Self one ends up exhibiting a profound lack of knowledge over character and identity. By repressing impulses, urges, thoughts and feelings an individual is only silently raising inner frustration and promoting the expression of something fabricated, resulting in an ultimately intolerant, unbalanced and incomplete personality under the disguise of pretending light and deluded goodness. The same applies to someone that only promotes violence, anger, vengeance and drama, without embracing the gentler faces of hidden nature. Duality is about equilibrium and the recurrent rebalancing of constantly opposing forces; an essential aspect of evolution. This balance of powers and its transcendent symmetry is the manifestation of Maat and reveals the profound beauty of her mysteries.”

Asetian Bible

Asetianism is independent of belief or faith and it is not restricted by mental conditioning, social stigma and cultural paradigm. Standing above the limited notions of ordinary society, it can never be influenced by outside opinion, judgement and prejudice. The path of the Asetians is not religion, cult or dogma — it is a way of life. Failing to realize this elementary notion represents one step away from truth.
The transformational powers of death manifested through the perpetual cycles of rebirth present a central layer in the Asetian tradition, where reincarnation is explored not as theory but unveiled with undeniable proof through the natural ladder of initiation that ignites ultimate understanding.
Despite its characteristic use of silence, a tool mastered to a degree of almost perfection, the fierceness of this tradition and its incorruptible nature have been described as something to avoid, often vilified, misinterpreted and feared, as the voices of Asetianism do not vacillate nor their will ever breaks when it comes to those drowned in ego, conceit and dishonor, calmly revealing the inconvenient truths that they seek to ignore.
Truth is not easy. It is often even painful. Only those daring to be brave and honest to step into darkness without a hint of lie shall persevere in finding its light and passionately fighting for it. Relentlessly. That is the Asetian way…

“Many waste their lives with the superfluous by embracing the varying pits of vanity, ignorance and insignificance, never truly valuing the spiritual gifts that are presented to every single soul at birth. Unknowingly they insult the sacredness of life and the blessing of living, only to end their brief days in this realm with an accomplishment of no value and nothing worthy of remembrance. The focus of every breath in this realm should be inspired on the development of self through inner growth and spiritual evolution. The pursuit for the attaining of enlightenment is a daunting quest and a path that can only be mastered through dedication and a colossal effort enduring of lifetimes. Asetianism promotes transformation and evolution through its natural process of initiation and growth, but it does not accomplish such feat without pain and the many obstacles that separate the worthy of its magick from the futile attempts of lesser creatures. Every initiate will fall, for only then one can learn how to get up and walk — it is a lesson. To embrace Asetian mysteries and the study of this tradition alone is a major catalyst of change and one that should never be forgotten. Such change is not a tangible force or a manifestation within the obvious realm of the physical but a profound manifestation of your singularity; the true hidden identity of self. This may not be subtle and become a spiritual product of great intensity, often leading to life-changing realizations of inestimable value.”

Asetian Bible




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